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     Dustin Rupke and Countertop Solutions, LLC can trace their humble beginnings to a child's bed.  In 2002, Dustin's growing young son needed a new bed.  Having only been married a few years, as many young families starting out know, money was very tight.  The need for this bed lead to a friend teaching Dustin woodworking and a passion to create was born.  Within a couple of short years, what started with a child's bed transitioned into bathrooms, kitchens and various hospital department projects, just to name a few.  


     In 2011, the culmination of this hard work was validated by the receiving of the prestigious Kansas Emerging Business of the Year award.  There was an awards ceremony featuring our Governor and congressmen, as well as a standing ovation recognition on the floor of the Kansas House of Representatives and Senate.  This occasion was both gratifying and humbling.


     In late, 2011, a need for a change of focus and a coincidental meeting led to the successful sale of the cabinet shop and a new beginning with Countertop Solutions, LLC.  Since this time, our sole focus has been granite and quartz countertops and perfecting our craft.  To date, Countertop Solutions, LLC has hundreds of satisfied customers with projects ranging from simple bathroom vanities to full hotels.


     In closing, Dustin is guided by a simple, but profound, saying he learned from his father, "Leave the world better than you found it".  We just happen to do this by making countertops.

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